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Why you should be working with Edward Alexander Consulting

​  ​​​​​​​Edward Alexander Consulting  | Cross-Cultural Business Communication

We are a network of communication specialists deeply committed to helping people bring about the future. 

Core Course Suggestions

1. ビジネス英語を話すために必要な10のスキル - Ten skills you must have to speak business English.

2. 管理者のためのリーダーシップの原則 - Principles of leadership for managers

We prepare people for the future with what we call English training plus.  A training philosophy that prepares people for their own future and the future of the companies they work for.

​We have you covered!  No one in our network of teaching experts has less than 10 years of professional education experience in Japan.  All of our business skills trainers have more than a decade of management experience.

We coach both new and experienced managers;

  • to motivate staff with compassion
  • to communicate a clear, creative, simplified message 
  • to build stronger teams that have more fun working together

There are a lot of English training programs and a lot of professional development programs to choose from. None of them combine language learning and professional development as tightly as we do!

  • TOEIC boot camps, business English basics, business skills training in English

After selling a successful fin-tech business in 2012, I came to academia with questions - questions that academia gave me the time to think deeply about.  I’d like to share what I've discovered, with you.  ​- Edward Alexander Iftody, author of ‘Surviving Work’