A costly mistake made by Kindai University

Your sales copy simply has to be right 

It’s reasonable for organizations to prepare people to make a presentation in English, or to facilitate a cross-cultural meeting or even work in an overseas office.  But asking non-native English speakers to write English sales copy that is both easy to understand and has the intended impact on your customer, is an unrealistic goal. 

Sometimes its just more cost effective to get it done right the first time.

Sales copy interpretation 

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If you translate this to 'Even monkeys fall from trees', an English speaking audience will understand the words but what sounds natural in Japanese is clumsy and confusing when transated to English.

In this example, English interpretation is needed if you want the same impact in English.

If you're using the wrong terminology, buzz words or idioms, your business is losing sales

Some things simply do not translate.  Without native interpretation, you're going to get a sub-par result.

That's the problem trying to get your non-native staff to write sales copy for an English audience.  There is no way to know your sales copy will resonate with your target audience if you don't share the same native language.

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